Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Unfinished Business

When I am busy checking out other people's artwork, one of my favorite things is to see some of their works in progress or sketches. Hopefully, the same applies to the fine folks that take time to visit my blog because I sure post a lot of unfinished pieces here. The main problem I have at the moment in my artistic career is that I am not working full time as an artist. I have just a few minutes every day to sneak in a little sketch time at work, unless I happen to be stuck in a meeting which happens quite a bit, providing me with a good chance to draw and sketch without getting in trouble. Usually I end up with a lot of quick sketches and rough unfinished pieces, but often I find that there are some great things lurking in those sketches, and I can often revisit them later to finish them or use them as a basis for a detailed digital painting. This particular drawing was done with Pigma Micron felt tip markers, and I am sure I intended to have a lot more crazy monsters coming out of this mess, but never got around to finishing it up. I do like a lot of this though, and thought it was worthy of a post here on my blog. Let me know what you think!


peach-tree said...

i really like this pic its pretty awsome i like the bat and the gorilla kind of guy sharing the eyes im glad u had a some time to draw it
ps i took my music off

Karswell said...

Rad! I almost see Swamp Thing in the center, see what I mean?

How was the Cheap Trick show?

Patrick said...

Karswell- unfortunately, the Cheap Trick show turned into a literal "Cheap Trick". We left almost an hour and half before show time, but the theater they were playing at did such a HORRIBLE job with the parking that it seriously took us 3 hours to get there- thus, we missed Cheap Trick's set completely. Since we weren't all that excited to see Journey and Heart, we just turned around and left. I wrote a seething little hate mail to the arena the next day... Pretty lame!

Glad you like the sketch- yeah, I do see some similarity to swamp thing in there!!

silvano said...

This is cool ! Would even make a grat tattoo !