Friday, July 18, 2008

The Corpse that Time Forgot

The title for this drawing is appropriate on several levels. First of all, this drawing comes from around 1990. I was attempting to do a t-shirt business out of my parent's basement and this was one of the designs I had available. It also reminds me a lot of "The Forgotten Prisoner of Castel Mare" one of the coolest Aurora long box models of all time. Regardless, I figured it was high time for this poor forgotten corpse to show his face to the world again here on my blog of terrors. Hopefully he dosen't smell too rotten for you!


Karswell said...

>Hopefully he dosen't smell too rotten

Smells good man... and if you ever make those shirts let me know. Also, I'll finally be mailing you your THOIA shirt on Monday, sorry for the delay, we actually ran out of your size faster than I thought we would.

silvano said...

Looks great ! could we see the full picture ?

Best Regards

Patrick said...

Hey Silvano-
That actually IS the full picture. Never drew any more on this guy. Typical of a lot of my drawings!


No problem, I am glad you are moving those shirts!! I am looking forward to getting it! I really do need to get some more shirts made up- I don't have any of the old screen printing equipment after all these years to do it myself!

Fred said...


Really cool image! At least this forgotten prisoner got the sit down... our other poor fellow was chained to the wall! Talk about uncomfortable. Little did he know his demise would inspire and entertain a whole generation of monster kid model builders.

Keep digging in the drawers and closets for old artwork to post! My mother threw away whatever artwork I had done, it was too weird for her.

uconcerts said...

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Kitty LeClaw said...

Wow. Particularly stunning work on the skelly's tattered garb!

Patrick said...

Thanks Kitty- glad you stopped by!!