Monday, July 21, 2008

Question Authority

I actually posted this cover artwork quite a while ago here on my blog, but this week I have been asked by the mighty KARSWELL over at The Horrors Of It All blog to be a guest judge for a contest he is holding. If you have not yet visited Karswell's blog, go check it out right now- every day you are treated to a great pre-comic code authority story,scanned and posted for easy access and for a great way to get inspired. Karswell is giving the winners of the contest a great THOIA T-shirt, of which I was lucky enough to win one myself in his last contest. Since this week's contest was inspired by my love for heavy metal, and since I was asked to be a guest judge, I am upping the ante in the prize department by giving the winners a copy of my book called "Question Authority"- this book was written by my good friend Jeb Branin and myself, and contains over 1,000 trivia questions about all facets of hard and heavy music. The book is 6 x 9" with 172 pages, full color glossy cover and black and white interior pages. Even the most die-hard abrasive music fan will learn something new from reading this book! So head on over to THOIA (link in my sidebars) and get your brain in gear coming up with lyrics to match the tales of terror Karswell is posting there...Once the winners have been chosen, email me with your home address and I will get your copy of Question Authority in the mail to you. I will even sign it and draw a monster inside for ya if you would like me to! Even if you aren't a winner, you can get a copy of this book from me- they are $13 + $3 for S&H. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you set up!

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Karswell said...

Thanks again for playing Judge Patrick, you rock!

Hope I get the book today too.