Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It Dosen't Count

This is an unfinished piece I started a few years ago. I have always loved working with Adobe Illustrator, and I would still love to do a completed piece in this style. This was done manually- point by point, using the pen tool to create all of the shapes. Very painstaking and time consuming, but I really dig the style. I would love to re-create a series of classic horror movie posters similar to this one, using Illustrator. Time will tell!!


Karswell said...

You can achieve virtually the same exact effect in photoshop by using the cut-out filter on the image you want to recreate, adjusting the scale by how much detail you want to remain and then go back and add your own color combos. It is fun, especially for those of us (like me) who suck at Illustrator.

Karswell said...

Also, you're one of the t-shirt winners from the THOIA Casting Call Game this week. Email me your mailing address and what size you wear and I'll mail it out pronto. Thanks again for participating.