Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Creep- 1983

I posted this piece on my Deviantart page the other day, and forgot to post it here. This is probably one of my earliest if not THE earliest attempt at painting with acrylics. Painted this one back in high school in 1983, my attempt at recreating the awesome poster art of the Creep from the amazing movie "Creepshow" from none other than Stephen King and George Romero.

I discovered a few interesting bits of trivia about the film, so I will include them here to help spice up this old school art post:
• Stephen King carried around a "Greedo" action figure from Star Wars on the set for good luck.
• The marble ashtray used to kill Nathan in the first story "Father's Day" is featured in all of the other stories if you look closely.
• The prop 10-cent "CREEPSHOW" comic book featured in the film was drawn and inked by veteran artist 'Jack Kamen' , one of the artists for the original E.C. crime and horror comics of the 1950's. Creepshow was a tribute to these comic books. Jack Kamen also created the comic book-style poster for the film, which was also featured on the front of the Plume "Creepshow" comic book adaptation (which Bernie Wrightson, another prolific horror comic artist, drew and inked the interiors for). Originally, ('Stephen King (I)' wanted Graham Ingels, another EC artist (famous for his work on the title "The Haunt of Fear") to do the artwork for the film's poster, but he refused. It was head of EC comics 'William M. Gaines' who then suggested Jack Kamen do the assignment. Kamen accepted.
• Near the end of the "Father's Day" story, Sylvia gets impatient and goes to the kitchen calling to Mrs. Danvers. She sees the muddy footprints and investigates further. Mrs. Danvers' corpse falls against the back of the kitchen door with her face in the round window. As Sylvia lets go of the door, you can see the dead Mrs. Danvers blink as she slides across the window out of view.


Fred said...

Oh, now that is sweet. Excellent job! And that movie inspired me as well.

I did notice the ashtray in all the segments. It has turned up in other Romero movies as well, I just can't remember where I've seen it again, but I took note of it.

I was going to feature the Creep from the poster sometime in the future... with your permission I'd like to add your image and link back to it when I do.

Patrick said...

Of course! Always happy to contribute art to your cool blog of tasty skull goodness! Thanks for stopping by again Fred!

Karswell said...

Awesome man...

Anonymous said...

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