Monday, June 30, 2008

Radiation Sickness

This guy kinda reminds me of something from the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. Drawn during another meeting at work.

So late last night I was loading up some stuff in the van after a family party at a park- I slipped on a curb and twisted the hell out of my right ankle. Fortunately I didn't break anything, but I tore some ligaments and seriously sprained it. Did the same thing about 20 years ago... I really hate it when things like that happen!


Karswell said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, it's most typical for this sort of thing to happen in the SUMMER TIME, arghhh! While reading your post I imagined you making the face of the radiation sickenss guy. Get well soon!

Fred said...


I can sympathise with your ankle injury, those hurt like the devil.

I have been prone to that happening, usually in the least dangerous situations; walking or something mundane. *TWIST* !PAIN! and down you go.

But one time I did it was under funny conditions... over ten years ago, I was moonlighting in a Halloween store, wearing a costume with a HUGE skull mask in a top hat, dancing around to the spooky music tape I had made... entertaining the mall walkers and luring them in... and I twisted my ankle, and went to the doctor with a swollen ankle so big it looked like a baseball in my sock.

I was in am inflatable cast thingie for over a week. Just from a sprain.

So, I feel for you, bro! Nice artwork there. You get a lot done in those meetings! :)

Patrick said...

Thanks Karswell & Fred- I appreciate the well wishes. Fortunately, I can walk on it, it's turning a really lovely shade of purple and it's still all swollen, but I am sure I will survive. Last time I did it, nearly 20 years ago, it was swollen so big I couldn't even put a shoe on. Not fun at all. I like your story about the Halloween accident Fred- not a good time to be injured either!!

peach-tree said...

im glad to hear you didnt break it pat, mimi said it was broken then i never heard from you again. i really like the pic how his brain is knitted in reminds me of frankenstein