Thursday, June 12, 2008

Face Your Fear

I think this monster was a result of indigestion. I drew him around last October while I was working in Eugene, Oregon. There was a Chinese Buffet restaurant across the street from the hotel I was staying in, and I drew this guy between bites of General Tso's chicken and Broccoli Beef. Pigma micron markers were the weapon of choice.

So, it was my birthday on Monday- Turned 41 without too much pain. My car decided to deprive me of a highly anticipated gift- I had been looking forward to buying a Canon Rebel Xti digital camera, but my car was making weird noises, and what seemed like a small problem escalated into a $1,500 repair to have the rack & pinion system replaced. Man, I coulda bought 2 cameras for that kind of money! On a brighter note, I did manage to make it out to my all time favorite BBQ restaurant, a place called Q4U located in Kearns, Utah. I have travelled far and wide with my job, and I am always on the prowl for good BBQ- fortunately for me, nothing has come close to Q4U. They have the BEST spare ribs on the planet. If you get a chance, go give Q4U a shot- you won't be disappointed. If you are, then you wouldn't know a good BBQ'ed rib if it bit ya on the butt!


Karswell said...

I'll take my own BBQ over anyone else's anyday! Happy B-Day Patrick!

Patrick said...

Thanks Karswell- I love to BBQ as well, but I can't even come close to making ribs like Q4U!

Chrissie A said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Patrick!!

Hope it was absolutely mordacious. :D

Patrick said...

Thanks Chrissie- Minus the car repair incident, it was a nice birthday!

Fred said...


I too am a BBQ junkie. Living in the South means I have some good places to visit. Good ol' pulled- pork BBQ sandwiches for me, any day.

Great drawing! And Happy Bday.

Patrick said...


Man, you are so right- being a southerner gives you access to some of the finest BBQ EVER! I spent some time in Athens, Georgia as well as Atlanta, and I LOVE the BBQ there. I would just drive around and look for the big smoker barrels on the side of the road and I knew it would be good BBQ. I especially dig the vinegar based sauces they had... SO GOOD!!
And yes, pulled pork sandwiches are excellent too!!!

Fred said...


Since you like artwork blogs, here's a cool one I found that does a lot of monsters:

See if you like it!

Jeff said...

It is very impressive that you can create such wonderful art under the pressure of indigestion! I usualy create a different kind of art under such unfortunate circumstances, with a porcelain palette. Anyway just hanging out with Jentry and we are checking out blogs. Keep up the incredible art, your the man!