Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mind Your Own Business

So here we are- 2006. Pretty crazy how quickly 2005 went by! I am excited to start working harder on my illustration skills this year, and I have actually done well for the first few days of the year. I designed a few new projects that I created and used for Christmas gifts. I have not yet had the time to photograph them and get them posted, but I created a "chicken icon" for my little sister who is a serious fan of chickens. I then transferred this design onto two large glass mugs and acid etched the design into the mugs. I also created an Alice Cooper glass for my good friend Kevin Kirk, who owns the Heavy Metal Shop in Salt Lake City. Still haven't given the glass to Kevin, so if he is reading this, there goes the surprise!

It has been a fun new undertaking to work on glass, and I am planning on doing much much more in this realm. I will get the photos posted here soon of the things I have created. The artwork I am posting here now is a logo I created about a year ago. there are some things I would have done differently with this one, but it was custom designed per the specs of the client. This is a buisness that specializes in teaching small business owners how to take care of their finances. I love the name, and the logo was fun to create. Created completely in Adobe Illustrator.

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