Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Question Authority

Last year I finished writing a book with a good friend of mine, Jeb Branin. This was actually an idea we came up with back in high school, around 1984. Back then we thought it would have been cool to create a board game, and make the board in the shape of a double edged razor blade. 20 years later, the idea comes to life, but in the form of a book. The book is available to purchase, if anyone is interested in a copy, contact me directly or visit The Heavy Metal Shop's website (link is listed in my link section to the right.)

I designed the cover and the logo, the logo was created in Adobe Illustrator and the cover layout was done in Adobe InDesign. The original idea we had for the name was "Mind Grind" and the skull with the exposed brain was going to have a meat grinder handle attached to one side, with strands of the brain coming out of the mouth area of the skull... (sounds kind of gruesome, but it didn't look bad... ha ha!) However, we found out that someone was already using that name, so we had to come up with something else. Thus, QUESTION AUTHORITY was born.

While I am thinking about it, I need to mention some inspiration I got while reading a book last night. My Mom was kind enought to get me a copy of Stephen King's Dark Tower vol. 7 for Christmas. The illustrations in the book were done by Michael Whelan, and there is a print in the book of the Crimson King, sitting on a throne made of human skulls, with several melted down candles on either side of the throne. Wow, I was totally blown away by this painting. Whelan is so good at what he does... I need to get a link on here to his site. If you get a chance, check out the print I mentioned. It was too cool!

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