Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jazz Tattoos

My Nephew Jeff called me today to ask if I could try and duplicate the tattoos of Jazz basketball player Deron Williams. Jeff is going to the game tomorrow against the LA Lakers, so he wanted to show a little spirit and sport the same tattoos as Deron Williams. It was pretty late when we got started doing these, and we didnt have any good photos to work from- so I got online and did a search for Deron Williams photos. We found some decent shots of his left arm, but we couldnt find any shots showing details of the panther on his right arm. So- I ended up searching for panther tattoos and found one similar to the tat Deron has. Didn't have enough time to do the cross on his left arm either- but for an hours worth of work, these turned out alright. These were painted on using my brand new Iwata Eclipse airbrush, and Badger Air Opaque paints. Here's to hoping that the Jazz can pull off another win tomorrow!


Jeff said...

Thanks for taking the time to give me the tattoos! The game was fun a bunch of people gave me some good complements about the tattoos, and I think it helped the jazz pull it out in over time.

Patrick said...

No problem Jeff- it was fun for sure. Good to know that my art helped the Jazz win the game! Hope they can do it again tonight!