Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mordacious Sketches Series

While I am at work, there are many opportunities for me to sneak in some sketch time. After several months, these random sketches end up scattered across lots of note books, meeting note pages and on the back of printer pages. The other night I gathered up a bunch of these sketches and scanned them all, took em into Photoshop and started making some pages filled with these sketches. This is the result. I don't take these too seriously, some of them I really like, others are pretty fast and lame, but thats the point of sketches isn't it? If not I guess we would call them "Portfolio Books" rather than sketch books. I find it enjoyable to see some of these sketches again, as after a month or two I forget that I even drew them, so it is fun to see them and wonder what on earth I was thinking about when I drew them. Some of these may have been posted on this blog in the past, but I wanted to compile all of them together, so there should be plenty of new stuff as well. Hope you like them! Lots more to come!!

1 comment:

Lou said...

Very cool collection. Its interesting how they vary in intensity and size.

I also like your airplane, although prefer the monsters. :)