Monday, June 12, 2006

Karloff the King

I intended to spend a portion of my birthday (last Friday) doing some more comic book inking. My 6 year old daughter Brandi also happened to be born on my birthday, so Friday got pretty hectic trying to get ready for Brandi's birthday party with her friends and then another party that evening with family members. So I ended up skipping a couple of days to just enjoy spending time with my family and friends for the birthday weekend.
I managed to make it out to the theater to see CARS over the weekend also- Wow... what an amazing film. Pixar really knows the formula for making great movies!
Alright... back to the post at hand here. I decided to mix a little design work with an old airbrush illo I did back in 1994 of another horror legend, Boris Karloff- as the ever lovin' Frankenstein's monster. Rather than simply post the artwork, I thought it would be fun to stylize it a bit and put it on the front cover of an imaginary magazine. Any fan of horror will know right away which magazines I am paying tribute to here. I sure wish there was a magazine like this one out there, that was devoted to nothing but horror related art.
Should have some more comic book inking work coming soon, I spent a few hours last night working on another page, and I plan on spending some more time tonight doing the same. Thanks to everyone that has been stopping by and leaving comments here- as always, they are much appreciated and keep the fire burning to produce even more. You guys ROCK!!!

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scottra said...

Nice work, Coincidentally I just did a Karloff this last weekend as well... I'm itching to post it, but it was for Scary Monsters magazine so I have to wait to until after publication this fall. Which is hard to do because I think its my best work to date.

Great likeness, wish I could get a copy of that magazine! It would be awesome if there was a publication devoted to Monster Art! And we could all just get paid to draw for it!