Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blazin' Colors of the Undead

Just messin' around with some old artwork. Years ago I worked as an artist for a t-shirt/screen printing company. I did tons of black and white pen and ink work then. An old friend of mine brought me a sketch of a zombie that he had traced, I am guessing from a Dungeons and Dragons manual, and I took it and created this lovely creature from it. I drew it all with rapidograph pens, which were my favorite artistic weapon back then. I was scanning in a bunch of my old work and came across this drawing. I still think it looks pretty cool, so I dropped it on top of a lava texture I was goofing with in Photoshop. Here's the result.

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Jeff said...

It looks like you are really working hard and doing a great job! I like your big foot, I was thinking we need to get out in the woods this spring and see if we could spot him. I finally posted a few new things you'll have to check out! Take care!