Monday, February 20, 2006

More Glass Art

Been busy drawing, just haven't posted a lot on here lately. I took a few hours on Saturday to create another acid etched glass. This time it's the logo for The Heavy Metal Shop, an awesome independent record store in Salt Lake City. The owner Kevin Kirk is a good friend of mine, he set me up with a Heavy Metal Shop shirt for my dog Skipper a couple weeks ago. Here is a photo of Skipper sportin' her HMS colors. Even the big dogs love The Heavy Metal Shop!!!

1 comment:

Jeff said...

Since there were no comments about poor skipper I thought I would say that he or she looks great in the heavy metal shop tee shirt. Also I was showing you triva book off last night to our ward clerk, they came over for dinner. Well he couldn't put the book down, we were trying to play a game but he was distracted the whole time looking at your book. He was pretty good at it, he could answer a couple questions on every page. I gave him you site address, he is into comics aswell and he wanted to check out your sweet artwork.