Friday, January 06, 2006

Welcome To The Jungle

I made it my goal this year to become a full time illustrator. While the majority of the artwork I have been posting here is not new, I still wanted to try and post something everyday to keep me inspired and to keep my enthusiasm going. So far, it has been working very well, as I have actually been working on artwork everyday so far this year. I promise there will be some great things to see here very soon. I am still working on getting digital photos of the etched glass work I did as Christmas gifts. I am also currently working on a digital illustration of a little monster character that I am excited to finish up. In the meantime, here is a photo from one of the murals I painted. My good friend and cousin Brent Rowe helped me out with this project. This is painted in a home in Las Vegas. The owners wanted a mural that tied in with the pool room, and they are big Disney fans. Thus, the Jungle Book theme with the characters holding various pieces of pool related equipment. This project took quite a while to finish up. I will post more photos of the completed walls sometime soon.


Mark McDonnell said...

Nice man, love the characters interacting in an enviornment .. . great color as well.


Katie McDee said...

Wow! Way cool, I love your transitioning and how solid the whole room looks, awesome! And thanks for checking out my blog!