Monday, January 23, 2006

Monster Sketches Vol. 2

Yesterday was a good day for drawing. My parents invited us over for dinner so I toted the old sketch book along with me and let the imagination run wild. The first 2 drawings are original characters, the one on the far left kind of reminds me of something from Famous Monsters of Filmland. The middle guy is another shot at the "night of the living tongue" theme I seem to be revisiting a lot lately. The character on the far right is my version of the Hobgoblin of Marvel Comics fame. Had a lot of fun drawing these!

My awesome wife has been so supportive of my artwork this year- last night she actually went out of her way to get online and get date and ticket info for the San Diego Comic Con. She is totally pushing me to keep going with the artwork, and she wants to go to the comic con with me. I am very much looking forward to July- I have never attended the con, so it will be a great experience for sure!!


Holli said...

Hey Patrick!

Glad I could be an inspiration. You're work is great. I admire anyone who can do perfect line work in there sketches. Looks like you have a sketchbook I could flip through for hours. Good luck working towards going solo. You can do it and it's great you have family support. That's really the key I think!


ELiza J├Ąppinen said...

Thanks for the great comment on my blog. I really like your stuff, and you aren't transitioning into an illustrator, you are one! And a good one at that. What kind of illustrative work are you most interested in? I was doing mostly graphic design before I got into character design, I found that you should say no to jobs you don't want, somehow you manage even if it seems dire. But then again I'm a total newbe, it's a bit premature of me to be giving advice ;). And I bet Finland is a tiny bit different in work life. I've bumped in to the president in an elevator here, so there isn't much of a ladder to climb. It's cool how many different things you are doing, love it.