Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Worms Crawled In

When I am left alone with my sketchbook and Pigma Micron pens, it's a pretty good bet that I am either gonna draw a skeleton or a zombie. In this case, the zombies won! Zombies are just "oozing" with so many detail possibilities, and since I am crazy for details they make a lot of appearances in my artwork. In the "coming soon" department, I will be doing some artwork of a "zombie chick" as an art trade for my good friend Chrissie, who drew an off the dial picture of the Bride of Frankenstein for me earlier this year.

In other news, I picked up the new Alice Cooper CD "Along Came A Spider" yesterday ( I only had to go to FOUR different stores trying to find it- Best Buy didn't have it, FYE didnt have it, and Circuit City didn't have it!! Finally, Wal-Mart came through for me and had it... Man, sometimes being a horror fan in Utah can really suck!!)
All I can say is- Alice is still the reigning king of horror rock. I love the packaging on the CD, the music is TOP NOTCH, and the overall theme is way cool. Just listen to the whole thing and check out the cool dialog from Alice at the end. Creepy and cool all the way across the board!


Fred said...


Another winner! You should draw a zombie funnybook and post it in chapters on the web.

I like the way the skin is hanging off of the bare skull, it looks like his face might slide off if any more skin rots off the top of his head!

Patrick said...

Fred! Thanks again my friend! Yep, gotta love those "chunky" zombies with the nasty slabs of flesh ready to fall off at any minute!

I like the zombie book idea- I have a few ideas brewing for some "Mordacious merchandise" that I am gonna start working on... Among them is a poster of a recent piece I drew with 840 skulls! Hopefully a sketchbook as well. Thanks for the comment!!

silvano said...

Hey Patrick , your art always brings back fond memories like the cover art of some LP's I used to listen - full volume all day when I was a youngster ( like NECROPHAGIA's "Season of the Dead" , to name one ...); did you ever drew any comic ? Anyway , since you suggest this , I'll give the latest Alice Cooper's album a try ...

Patrick said...

Silvano- Thanks for the comments! I have done a lot of comic related art, but I never did a full comic book. I have had a great idea for one for way too many years now, but I have never completed the dang thing.
I really love the new Alice Cooper- if you want to preview it, go to his official website- they have samples on there. I am a longtime fan and love pretty much all of his work, so I am obviously a bit prejudice, but I am seriously digging on the new album a lot!! Gets better with every listen!!
Thanks again!!