Friday, May 23, 2008

The good stuff

I tend to struggle a bit with this time of year. Having all 3 of my kids in school, and seeing the approach of their summer vacation I get flashbacks to the excitement of knowing that I had 3 months to do whatever I want. Now, all I really have to look forward to is weekends. Not quite the same!
I do have to give credit to the good stuff however, so here is a somewhat non-artistic post about some of the good stuff I have done or seen the last few days.
Last Saturday I took the family and my good friend Doc Taylor to a classic car show. The weather was fantastic, possibly a bit too hot, but after all the cold crappy weather we have been having in Utah this year, I am not complaining! The car show was held in Lehi at Thanksgiving Point. I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing number of cars and booths they had. Took a ton of photos, and wanted to post this shot of a custom painted motorcycle gas tank- this is one of the better paint jobs I have seen- looks like a good blend of airbrush and traditional brush work here. The entire bike was done up with a superhero theme. Of course I am always partial to the flaming skull art, so Ghost Rider gets posted here.

One of my favorite bands just released their 15th album on May 20th. The band is King's X- I have been a fan since their first album came out, and have seen them live and met them on numerous occasions. Their latest album title XV is excellent. I have been spinning it non-stop since I picked it up on Tuesday. If you haven't heard these guys, you should definitely check them out.

Yesterday I took half a day off from work to go see the new Indiana Jones flick. Saw it twice actually- and really enjoyed it both times. It is not at the same level as Raiders of the Lost Ark by any stretch of the imagination, but I really enjoyed it all the same. There were some great sets and lots of skulls and mummies, so of course I had to love it. There were also some really far fetched dorky scenes, but I expected some of that as well. Definitely worth seeing!

I am still busy drawing whenever time allows, I just get lazy about posting my work here. Stay tuned, more to come soon!!


Karswell said...

Wish I could muster the same enthusiasm for Crystal Skull as you cuz I found it all incredibly tedious and overwritten = underwhelming.

King's X rules though!

peach-tree said...

i really like the motor cycle pic its awsome i have the pic he drew on my blog, i haven't seen crystal skull yet i hope its good and i took one of jaden cds of kings x a long time ago i thought they sounded awsome.

koryface said...

Yeah the Indiana film was immensely entertaining, if not cheesy at parts. I loved it though, and my wife made fun of me. If there is anything i would ever airbrush on a motorcycle it would definitely be Ghost Rider.

sexy said...