Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christel Death

A few months ago, I spent about 7 hours doing an insane makeup job on a good friend of mine, Christel Edwards. Following the makeup work, Christel had a couple of her photographer friends (Renee Lee and Matt Rambo) take her out on a photo shoot. Christel brought me a copy of the disc with all of their photos on it before Christmas, and I have been wanting to post some of the photos on my blog, but I haven't had the time. Finally, here are a few of the photos from what I consider to be my best makeup work so far. Christel and I are planning another makeup concept and hopefully that one will happen sometime soon. That's me laughing in one of the pictures...Hard to keep a straight face when you are posing with a living dead girl!


Karswell said...

Really really amazing. You should teach a class on how to do this... or create a step by step feature with photos on your blog.

Chris Wahl said...

Wow, that's an insane makeup job there, Patrick.

Really great!

Anonymous said...

That's some insane sh*t....Nice work!!