Friday, January 18, 2008

Blind Date with Death

Let me point out up front that this was simply an exercise in digital comic book coloring. The very cool original artwork is from the August 1952 issue of Strange Tales #9. I wanted to take a shot at coloring the art using modern technology (meaning Photoshop CS3 and my Wacom Graphire tablet!). In case it was difficult to tell, the original coloring is on the right, my version is on the left...

I chose the final panel from the story, since it had the lovely image of Death driving a convertible along with it's latest victim.

Inspiration for all of this came from a great blog site I found recently called "The Horrors of it All", which posts tons of 50's pre-code comic book horror stories. The site was created by a very cool guy who calls himself "Karswell". Check it out if you have some spare time here:


Karswell said...

Hey man, thanks for the plug and excellent re-color job too! The skull really looks amazing!

Patrick said...

No problem Karswell! Glad to help support your excellent blog! I also posted info about your blog on my Deviantart page. Thanks for the comment on the coloring- it was fun, will have to do it again sometime soon!