Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ghost Rider

I don't know why I bother adding stuff to this blog, seems like I don't make it back here very often anymore. I have been adding lots of stuff to my Deviantart page, and amazingly enough I have been updating my myspace page quite a bit lately as well. I have noticed quite a few of my blogging art friends vanishing too, so I have removed some of the links I used to have here. This is a makeup job I did on Halloween this year, I was amazed at the awesome costume this guy put together. My makeup was just the final touch to bring this one all together. I love doing work on Halloween enthusiasts like this- it makes the day just that much better. That's a bald skin cap applied to cover his hair and ears, then I airbrushed the whole thing. Too much fun!

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Kevin Keele said...

That is VERY impressive. Wow.