Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Missing In Action Again

I seriously have my doubts that anyone stops in here anymore. I have a tendency to vanish for a while with this blog, and then once I come back and start posting again, I just turn around and dissapear once more. Sorry, that's just how it goes sometimes.

I have been pretty busy with my full time job, spending some time working with the fine folks at the Register Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon. I will be making about 3 more trips out there between now and the end of October. I have also just returned from a much needed vacation with my family to our timeshare in Park City. Had a great time there, and really enjoyed just relaxing and spending time with my awesome kids and my sweet wife. I really didn't want to come back when the week was over.

In art related news, I have been pretty dilligent about drawing every day. I got a great little sketch book back in June from my parents for my birthday, and I have discovered that I need to call it a "drawing" book rather than a sketch book, because I spend way too much time pouring over my drawings and making them clean and perfect. Once again, that's just how it goes with me. I am very much a perfectionist with my art, and I really need to just take time to do loose sketches and not make every thing I put in the book a work of art. Hopefully I will get some scans of the latest stuff on here soon. I am also going to be taking a shot at more special effects monster work soon, teaming up with my good friend Emil DeGrey to do some life casts, so I can start scultping my first latex mask. Dunno if time will permit me to have it ready before Halloween this year, but I will see how it goes. This will be my first attempt at anything like this, so it will surely be a challenge, but I am looking forward to it!

I recently finished a drawing that I am hoping to make available as a print soon. Now that the manual art is drawn, I have scanned it and am currently cleaning it up in Photoshop. Once it is finished I will post information about it here!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more!!



Lou said...

Hey Patrick. Good to see you are still around and well rested.

I saw this site linked on another persons blog recently and instantly thought of you. Not sure if you are interested or not.

Hope to see some more work of yours soon.

Patrick said...

Hey Lou, thanks for stopping by again. Good to know that someone still checks in from time to time!

Thanks also for the link to the drawn monsters blog, I will have to send them some of my work soon!

Hope to get some new art on here soon!

Anonymous said...

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