Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The first of 365

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, I know that I certainly can't complain, it was a great Christmas and a great New Year's eve, very nice to spend time with my family and friends! Shortly before New Years, my good friend and artist extrodinaire Garth Bruner told me that he was going to make a goal this year to doodle something every single day of the year. I thought it sounded like a great idea, so I asked him if I could join him in that goal. We were contemplating building a new blog where we could both post our daily sketches, but we decided in the end to just post them on our own individual blogs. So here is my first sketch of 2007, along with a fairly quick painting I did in Photoshop over a pencil sketch I drew a while back. Probably more influenced by Swamp Thing or Man Thing than Davey Jones. The purple/green combo reminds me of the Green Goblin. The sketch was drawn while watching a DVD of "Ghost Hunters" late last night. To see the sketches from my friend Garth, click on the link to the right for "The Art of Garth". We decided that the art dosen't have to be posted daily, as long as you have sketched or doodled something daily. So check back often, as there should be LOTS of new posts here this year!!

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Chrissie A said...

Great New Year's resolution, Patrick! I'm inspired to do the same! At least one doodle per day can't be all that hard, right? (That's me, talking to myself there...)

I love the Photoshop painting of that green monster...nice work. Hope to see more of your pencil/marker sketches with color added!