Wednesday, October 04, 2006

100th Monsterous Post!

Gads, I finally hit 100 posts! Took way longer to get here than I figured, but hey- here it is, delays or not. I managed to get a few photos inside the haunted house last night... Here are a few shots for you to check out. The top 2 are one of the clowns I painted, so you can see how they look in the blacklight environment. The bottom 2 are shots of the artwork inside the clown area, which I am sad to say was painted by someone else- dont know who the artist was, but he did a great job. If you are in Utah, be sure to go check out Rocky Point Haunted House during it's FINAL season... it's 100% pure eye candy. Oh yeah, and a big thanks to Brian Gubicza for the tip on a good horror/suspense flick... I rented DIABOLIQUE on his recommendation, and enjoyed it a lot! Cool flick from 1955. Check out Brians awesome art and poetry and such at his blog... link on the right. More to come soon!!


Rozum said...

Congrats, Patrick. I'm looking forward to the next 100.

GhettoFab said...

I wish I could go to this....looks totally fun...Man your blog is perfect for this time o year. LOVE IT!!! Post more!