Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mordacious Halloween Art

In addition to all the other creative things I love, I have always had a passion for special effects make-up. A few years ago, I wanted to get involved doing some Halloween make-up at a local make-up/mask supply store. I had a great time, and have kept the tradition alive each year since. Last night, I went to a local Haunted House here in Utah called Rocky Point Haunted House to sit in on a make-up class. They liked my work enough to let me join their crew for the Halloween season, and I am really excited for the opportunity to work and learn from some Hollywood professionals! I will be going up tonight to help do makeup work on the cast members, and hopefully tomorrow night I will be able to take my camera up and snap a few shots. Looks like I will be a busy monster artist between now and the end of October, but man is it worth every minute of it- Apparently this will be Rocky Point's final season, which is a shame, as they are rated the number one Haunted House in the NATION. You can check out their website here: Until I can get some photos of my work from Rocky Point taken, here are a few shots of the airbrush make-up jobs I did at Taylor Maid in years past... Halloween comes early at Mordacious Art!!!


Guy Mann said...

Those photos are awesome! I love the alien face girl and the skull. It's good to see other media in use. I'd love to see what your Halloween costumes have been and will be.

Kevin Keele said...

Nice work! These are seriously cool!

scottra said...

Hot Damn!

Beautiful stuff!

Congrats, I plan on helping out at a Haunted House one of these years... Sound like quiet a blast.

Goobeetsablog said...