Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Deeper Into The Vault

Sometimes I wonder why I decide to torture myself by posting my old artwork on here. My 10 year old son Christian will often comment that he will never be as good at art as I am, to which I usually respond "you should see my artwork from when I was your age- you are WAY better than I was then... it just takes a lot of practice". I guess if nothing else, it is fun to look back and see what was going on inside my head when I look at old artwork. This particular piece was drawn/painted in 1987, during my second year of college. I was thinking I was pretty good with the airbrush, so the colored center portion with Freddy Krueger was done with a tehnical pen for the outlines and the colored with an airbrush. Holy cow, what a BAADDD job I did on that! The rest of the piece was done with technical pens, and it was intentionally left black and white. I called this one "Death Dream III" as I had done 2 similar pieces to this one back in my high school days. Maybe I will post those here too if I get really bored! That's typically the reason I end up posting old work on my blog- I wanted to post some of my latest sketches on here today, but the batteries in my digital camera were dead this morning so I couldn't snap any pics. I also have a new digital painting that is almost finished, but "almost" is the key word... So, here you go- a glimpse at the horror art I was creating back in 1987. Oddly enough, this piece won 1st place at an art show at the college I attended... I can't remember the category, but it makes me laugh to think that it did so well!


Goobeetsablog said...

excellent- it never hurts to look back

unless of course you are standing at the edge of a cliff. Then looking back may be unwise.

my college stuff is in a basement somewhere, the doors are bolted and it's entrance is guarded by trolls- enough said.


Anonymous said...

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