Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comic Book Inking - Round 2

More ink work. The penciled work is on the right, my inks are on the left. Inked with Micron pens.


Hans said...

You're not too shabby at this inking thing!:) Looks great, keep it up.


GhettoFab said...

yeah your inks are gettin great! We could do lunch one day. usually get dropped off by the wife so Im carless at work, but would get the car from her to go out one day. Let me know.


Kevin Keele said...

Your art truly is mordacious! I like the inking, your style looks both familiar and unique. very nice.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

you have some insane drawing and inking skilll!!! You do comic books for a living or on the side??
thanks for stoping by at my page

Rich Faber said...


Some pretty nice work, but I'd love to see what you could do with the brush and/or crowquill. I don't know any pro inkers (myself included) who use tech pens for anything other than ruled lines (mostly... not a hard and fast rule). I find that using a brush on organics, such as hair and clothing, and then using a quill on stuff like bricks, rocks, etc., gives me a variety of textures that work specifially for each subject I'm inking. I'd use the tech pens for the guns, and other mechanical/ruled objects. Changing up your tools will make you a more well-rounded artist, and give you much more variety in your work.

Based on your skills demonstrated in previous posts, I'd have no trouble believing you'd do a nice job with both the brush and quill, once you'd mastered the tools. Practice is everything! This is exactly the stuff I teach in my Drawing In Ink class, and I've found that once students realize the advantages to using many tools in a piece, they really take to it. I'm sure you would too!

Hey, also, thanks for the link!


Rozum said...

Hey Patrick,

I've been enjoying poking around your site a bit. Nice stuff, and as you said, it's nice to see more monster guys out there. That Jungle Book room is amazing.

Guy Mann said...

My God! I had no idea of you proficiency at comic pages. I'd buy a comic with your artwork. More please.