Tuesday, June 06, 2006

666 Post

Figured I better post some kinda crazy monster today, seing as how it is such an "evil" day and all. This is a character that came about as the result of a blob sketching session. for some reason this guy made me smile, I am gonna have to develop him into something more worthwhile soon. I sort of envisioned him as an outer space taxi driver or something, but I also thought he would make an interesting tour guide of an ancient crypt...

So anything evil happen to you today? I had an encounter with the evil powers of SONIC drive through at lunch today. Went to grab some grub with a couple of my friends here at work- we all ordered, got the goods and drove back to the office, only to discover that those brain dead skater chicks had forgotten to include my chili cheese dog. Those SONIC scum bags! Seems like that always happens at those times when you are really hungry. Been having a terrible time getting anything to load on Blogger today too- cursed blogs and cursed chili cheese dogs... Welcome to 6/6/6!!


Lou said...

I also did a little drawing in honor of today. Great one. Are these just random stairs? These are not the infamous Exosrcist stairs. Hmmm...

You're guy actually looks like a sweet tour guide. Not too scary. Sorry.

Also sorry to hear about your SONIC experience, but I think Joe Pesci said it best in Lethal Weapon 2 -- They fuck you at the drive thru... I never use them and always check my bag before leaving.

Lou said...

I meant to ask you if your banner is new or if I just totally missed it the last umteenth times I've visited your site.

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