Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Blob!

This is a composite of several blob drawing sessions. Blob drawing is a simple little exercise that can really get the creativity flowing- basically you scribble out a blob with a marker, then turn it into something afterwards. I find it endlessly amusing to do these little sketches because the results can be so off the wall. I also enjoy doing these because it reminds me that you can create a face out of almost any thing. I see faces in almost everything around me- if I look at the textures on the wall, I can start to see faces. Patterns on the carpet- same thing. I guess it's a lot like looking at the clouds and seeing things there. The creative mind is a crazy thing for sure.
In other news, I finally booked a hotel and got tickets to the San Diego Comic Con. I am beyond excited to be going- I have always wanted to check this out, and early this year I decided to make plans to go. My wife and my son and my father-in-law are going to come along, and I am sure it will be a great trip. Are any of you talented blogging artists gonna be there? I would love to have the opportunity to meet some of you in person, so if anyone else is gonna be there, let me know so we can hook up and say hello!
Thanks to everyone that takes time to stop in here and look at my artwork... This blogging thing is very inspiring and helps keep my enthusiasm for artwork going!


GhettoFab said...

Hey Patrick! The kiss stuff is bangin! Looked like you had loads o fun with it.

Great inks man. Always fun stuff here. Good luck with the Con. Ive only been once, back in 92 ( lived there and volunteered so I could get in free heh). Was a blast. Take a bunch of pics and upload em when you get back.


David Zweig said...

yet another great exercise idea! thanks for the tidbit, and those doodles just rule. well done!

Lou said...

Awesome idea!

Question, though. Do you scan the markers in and then Photoshop the faces? Or do you pen the faces directly over the marker blob?

Great job with them. I think I like the scared looking one with the top hat in the bottom row.

Chrissie A said...

I love the idea of drawing over blobs...I've gotta try that myself! :)

Wish I was gonna be at San Diego this summer but we're moving in August so life will be a bit too complicated...I keep hoping one of these summers I'll make it. Would love to meet up with you, Patrick, and other bloggers...maybe one of these days!

Chrissie A said...

Geez, I forgot to say that your blob sketches are really terrific!!

Patrick said...

Thanks Chrissie- good luck with the move, I have done that too many times and I know what a major pain it can be. Bummer that you won't be at the Comic Con this year, it would be nice to get to meet you for sure. Sometime soon tho! Thanks again for the kind words!

Kevin Keele said...

Blob Sketches huh? I'll have to try that, it looks fun. Your sketches are very Mordacious. Thanks for your comments over on my blog, and yes, I'm related to Steve Keele who used to work at Viewpoint, he's my dad.

kcirbuk said...

Hey Patric, tanks for the comments,
Great blog!!
Sketches are really terrific!!

Paco K.

garth bruner said...

These just made me chuckle. I love all of them, but the second one from the top left, looking up, is quite funny. You are so dang talented!

I mentioned the BBQ on your birthday, and my wife seemed fine with that! And, of course, I do too! Can't wait!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Love these Blob drawings! Great idea and well done!!!

Anonymous said...

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