Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Doo Rag Creature

I love the way that seemingly simple artwork can develop into something you never expected. I drew this bizarre little character with a ball point pen quite a while ago- the sketch was maybe 1" x 1". I always liked the look of this guy, and I kept the sketch in my files. I wanted to do a little practicing with my new Wacom tablet, so I scanned in the sketch and started painting him. This is the end result- painted with Photoshop. Lots of fun, and a good learning experience!!


Jason said...

Dude, that's how I feel when I wake up! You captured me perfectly! Thanks for swinging by the blog. I read your post on Jango. I was putting together a kids costume for my niece. She loved the helmet I bought. Breast plate, jetpack,...the works! Sounds like she and your son should get together! Keep up the great work!

Goobeetsablog said...


that would make a great halloween mask.


Hans said...

Hey Patrick,

Great job with the wacom! and what a handsome guy he is:)


Rectite23 said...

This is so cool...I really love your work!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Damn, Patrick! These are twisted! Great job!

Guy Mann said...

I'm seriously looking into getting a Wacom Intuous3 6x8, mainly because I'm getting sick of using a mouse to render things. I find it extremely painstaking. What kind of Wacom do you have (size, etc.)? Would you recommend anything? How do you like it?