Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Illustration Friday - CHAIR

What horror artist could pass up the opportunity to draw an ELECTRIC CHAIR? Obviously not this one!
I was planning on doing this one in Adobe Illustrator again, but I was in a serious drawing mode last night so I just let this one happen with the old Tombo brush pen. Colors added in Photoshop. In the words of Ace Frehley: "SHOCK ME...."


Suzy said...

Hey Patrick,

I like your art. I followed your link from Illustration Friday. By the way, we have the same last name. Maybe we are distant relatives or something.

Suzy Kendall

HARDWAX said...

love your artwork,and illo-this is very dynamic and electrifying

Anonymous said...

Can see the pain in his hands and creeping charcoal to his torso };-}

Jaimie said...

woo! I love it. great grimace