Monday, January 30, 2006

Ace Frehley Airbrushed T

Been drawing up a storm still, and with tomorrow being the last day of January, I needed an excuse to summarize what I did this month... and what I need to keep doing to reach my goal this year. So with that in mind, here is another photo from the archives, this was a commissioned shirt I did many years ago, basically just my best imitation of the KISS Solo album cover of Ace Frehley. Turned out pretty good tho.

Alright... so January's accomplishments:
1. Lots and lots of sketching. Could probably have done more, but I know for sure that I drew every day this month, which is great for me, haven't done that for a long time for sure. It has certainly been therapeutic and helped me improve. Also woke up a sleeping giant inside that has re-kindled the fires of inspiration!

2. Created this blog. Wasn't sure if this was gonna be a good thing or not, but it has become an addiction and I have been amazed at the incredible network of talented artists I have been able to hook up with. I was able to get back in contact with my old friend Garth Bruner, along with another old friend and a great artist, Darren Albertson. I also got several nice compliments on my work from a number of great artists that I met through networking. Very cool indeed, and a big big help to keep the creativty wheels in motion.

3. Made a commitment to go to the San Diego Comic Con in July. Can't wait! Extra thanks to my sweetheart of a wife, Mimi. You rule babe, thanks for all your support!

4. Became aware of how much I really need to get back into the creative world. Wow, this one was huge. It has been a LONG time since I have felt this much creativity coursing through my veins, and it has made a statement loud and clear... time to get back to where you belong!! Working on that goal every day and I am a better person because of it.

Alright, this is turning into a novella, but very quickly I want to list some of next month's goals: 1. Create a website. The Blog is awesome, but gotta have a palce where I can post a bunch of art and be able to send potential clients there.
2. Double the sketching time. I know I can do it, so I am gonna do it! 3. More networking, and start making my artwork more visible to try and generate some work.



Red Rocket said...

How is it that you're not already doing freelance work? You're stuff is awesome; I'd never guess you'd put aside at all, if you hadn't said so. And if you plan to mass market that Alice Cooper glass, drop me a line. That is brilliant!

Anyway, thanks you for the kind words and I'll be looking forward to see what you do next.

garth bruner said...

Really great to see your wheels in motion Patrick! Your commitment has already benefited me, great to hook up with you again as well. Congratulations on your first month, and good luck with the rest! I too am amazed that you aren't already doing freelance... too talented.

I'm really enjoying your blog!

Patrick said...

Garth and RR- thanks for the comments! I still do the occassional freelance job, but I really want to change the occassional into much more frequent!

RR, I can certainly make another Alice Cooper glass if you are interested. Let me know- dosen't have to be that same design either.


ELiza J├Ąppinen said...

YEAH!!!! I'm with yah!... I got all fired up from your motivational February goals. I'm kinda trying to do the same, maybe I'll write my goals for february on my blog. :)