Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why Horror Art?

There have been countless times in my life that I have been asked why I draw so many monsters. I wish I could give a valid answer to that, but the best explanation I have been able to come up with is simply this: My head is basically a huge warehouse full of these creatures, each one waiting to get out. It's a long line of monsters, so I'm doing my best to let them all out.

Blame it on late night viewings of Creature Features or maybe blame it on those fantastic Warren pulp magazines like CREEPY and EERIE, blame it on whatever you like. The truth is, I think monsters are immensly fascinating and tons of fun to draw. So you can count on seeing a lot more sketches like this one in the future. This piece was drawn with a bic ball point pen, mostly during some pretty boring meetings here at my job. One more monster has escaped the confines of the warehouse in my brain...

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