Friday, December 23, 2005

Terror Comes to Town

I figured it would be helpful to post some artwork on here for everyone to see, so here's a piece that combines two areas of the art realm. The tentacled green monster was drawn freehand with a ball point pen. He was no bigger than 3 inches tall. I scanned the drawing in to Photoshop and did some cleaning and refining and darkened the lines up. I added all of the color to the creature in Photoshop as well. The background art is a piece that I drew/painted way back in my college days. It was an assignment to create texture in the art as I recall, which you won't really be able to see here. I scanned the artwork into Photoshop, and did some minor cleanup. The biggest change was the sky, I added the sky with Photoshop. I borrowed the color scheme from an artist by the name of Ed Repka. Ed painted a lot of great CD covers for bands like Megadeth, and he has used that raspberry color scheme in a lot of his work. Once I had the background ready, I dropped in the creature, added the drop shadow, and this is the result. A marriage of old school art and new school technology.

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