Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Recent Artwork

Looking at the other pieces of artwork that have posted here, I realized that I didn't have any recent material onboard. A good friend of mine by the name of Doc Taylor approached me about a month ago to see if I could help him with some artwork for a concert he was going to be performing. Doc is a very talented musician, and he was putting on a Flanders & Swann concert with a few of his friends. The artwork for the concert was a new challenge for me, because I had never attempted to draw a "Wildebeast", otherwise known as a gnu. To make it more interesting I also had to draw the gnu playing a piano. This is another combination of traditional art meeting computerized art. The black and white outlines were all drawn freehand, and the colors were added in Photoshop. The poster for this concert turned out very nice and my friend Doc was very happy with this artwork.

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